Calamondin… An interesting new flavor???

Calamondin treats from the Calamondin Cafe... soon to be used in our Calamondin Cupcakes....

Calamondin treats from the Calamondin Cafe… soon to be used in our Calamondin Cupcakes….

So, I found an interesting recipe at The Cupcake Project’s website using something I’d never heard of before… Calamondin.   First off, I have to say… I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE  The Cupcake Project’s website… the Ultimate Vanilla Cupcake recipe is an amazing recipe that has become my go to recipe when I make vanilla cupcakes.  But…. this new recipe for a Calamondin cupcake has me intrigued.  Before I saw this recipe, I had never even heard of a Calamondin before.

I guess the Calamondin is a citrus fruit pictured here… it’s very tiny and turns orange on the tree once it’s fully ripe, usually in the late fall.  This recipe calls for Calamondin Coulis in both the cupcake and the frosting.  Just so you know…  a coulis (pronounced coo-lee) is basically a fruit puree.  Since it’s not something readily available in stores, I decided to order from the site that was linked in the article.

The Calamondin Coulis called for in the recipe came from a little place in Naples, FL called Calamondin Cafe and I received my Calamondin Coulis along with several other little samples of jam and flavored salt within just a couple of days.    I have to admit that as curious as I am, I haven’t dipped into my goodies yet because I need some supplies to get my test cupcakes going!

I’m not 100% sure if I’m going to use the recipe from the website or if I will try just using the Calamondin Coulis in a frosting that tops a traditional vanilla cupcake but I’ll keep you posted as we start to develop this recipe!

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